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“I have used you for about 18 months. Wonderful service. Don’t know what I would do without you. So helpful. Would not be able to get out and about without you. The Drivers are great. Other passengers moan a lot about pick up times. I feel Four Towns do everything they can, where picking up passengers are concerned.”

Pat, Stoke Lodge



Joan, Alveston


“I don’t use the service very often. I find the service satisfactory. The drivers are friendly and helpful.”

Shirley, Coalpit Heath


“Transport is very good. Drivers are excellent, very helpful. Don’t know what I would do without you. Very thankful for the service. Wish I could get out more.”

Patricia, Filton


“Very good.”

Beryl, Thornbury


“Very handy service, Great. Really lovely helpful drivers. Long may the service continue, without the prices going up.”

Angie, Almondsbury


“I feel £3 is a bit expensive for me so I don’t travel as often. Very Useful. Good service. Drivers are wonderful “

Elizabeth, Stoke Lodge


“I find the drivers are so helpful, they go out their way to aid people with their shopping or just to help you on and off the bus.”

Jean, Patchway


“Our driver is so curious, helpful, and really kind.  He really is wonderful, he is very patient and it is never too much trouble for him to help people onto the bus.”

Jill, Filton



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